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Panzer Elite Action
by Zootfly
The level is a specially crafted demo mission which does not appear in the game itself, we call it mission zero. You play the commander of an allied platoon and you have to attack enemy tanks, fortifications, 88s and other German held positions. You'll encounter a variety of different tanks ? like the famous Panther and even a Tiger ? in challenging different settings. From a dense forest to a small village, which is occupied by a platoon of German FallschirmjTMger!

The player can, like in the full game, give his team members different commands, like "attack my target", "stop" or "flank". Thus enriches the gameplay by adding a strategic element.

Destroy buildings, blow Panzers to pieces, drive over trees, even turn a whole village to rubble: Enjoy the destructive power of a WWII-Tank.

System Requirements

Pentium IV 1400 MHz or AMD 2000+

256 MB RAM

DirectX-8 Graphic-Card with at least 64 MB

DirectX-compatible Soundcard


At least 1.5 GB of hard drive space

(Graphic engine supports all up to date graphic features ? from T&L effects to day and night cycles)

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